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"The purpose of life is to be defeated by greater and greater thing". Rainer Maria Rilke Dear writer and artist, I hope that the mountain you may be facing will not be too hard to climb. I hope that today you will write or draw or paint your way through whatever barrier seems to be… Continue reading

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I am trying to write a poem

I am trying to write a poem because I am sad-- and because summer is ending- and because a poet I love has died. I am trying to write a poem because-- as the days grow short and the nights fall so suddenly- all my summers- of innocence and invincibility are coming to an end… Continue reading I am trying to write a poem

creative process, life lessons etc.

I changed my mind.

“There are only three kinds of business in the universe: mine, yours, and God’s.” ~ Byron Katie Today, I had the urge to write about something that I was outraged about. I was disgruntled about a particular internet star. I wanted to be the kid in the crowd who cries out that the emperor has no… Continue reading I changed my mind.


Reminding myself of the light within.

The traveler driving down a lonely country road at night, is encouraged by the distant twinkling lights of her destination. But it's the headlights of her car that keep her from driving off the road. In life we are drawn toward the bright light of desire and dreams. But only the light we carry with… Continue reading Reminding myself of the light within.