My Scribbled Secret Notebooks

Some pages from the not so secret online journal of Lynna Goldhar Smith artist and writer.

Lynna glasses. WebUse

My name is Lynna Goldhar Smith.

Welcome to my not so secret online journal where I share my  stumbling fumbling and often very side-tracked journey through art and life.

I am a multi-disciplinary artist of mixed ancestry  living and working in the colourful Commercial Drive neighbourhood of Vancouver in the traditional  and unceded territories of the Coast Salish People.

  I divide my creative life between my theatre practice, and my visual art practice and love to write.

I also work as a creative art therapist and teacher.

I am an  avid journal keeper and art journalist and I always have  several on the go all the time. It’s how I make sense of life.

I hope you will be a frequent visitor and keep in touch.

If you would like to come visit my website and find out more about the work I do you will find it here


3 thoughts on “Me

  1. mel says:

    ((hugs)))….LOVE this space…i shall be a regular visitor!


  2. raininblaine says:

    I saw your play last summer and immediately felt as if I intimately knew the author, and the character Sally, even though we had not yet met. Awaiting the next phase of the triad. Best of luck with your writing.

    Jordan Campbell

  3. drumweaver says:

    hi ho dear lynna…. i love this, your new blog site – congrats to you and i always am at your back with all you do…….. bright blessings to you my creative soul-friend! wx (((o)))

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