Gallery 1

Abstract Paintings

Summers End #1
Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas 24″X 20″ $500.00
Mapping the Infinite #1
Acrylic with Mixed Media on Canvas 24″X 20″ $500.00

Happy Little Electrons #2
Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas 24″X 20″
Life is Movement
a Diptych $11X17 inches each. (22″ X 34″ together)
.Acrylic on paper and mounted on Birch panel. Cold Wax and Oil finish
300.00 each or $500.00 as a pair.

A Glimpse of other worlds #1
Acrylic on wood panel oil and wax finish

Another Glimpse of Other Worlds
A Diptych Acrylic on wood panel with oil and wax finish

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science”

Albert Einstein
Waves and particles
Acrylic on Canvas

Gallery 2


I paint birds and people and places from the landscape of my own mind. I live in a world of real sky and sea and stars and trees and concrete things but I paint my own experience and bury it in metaphors from the world around me..

I like to paint loose and expressively with big brushes splashing paint and being free to make a mess and then somehow a soul appears to me as if I know them well.

Pen and Ink with digital embellishment
Acrylic on canvas 24″X36″
Faith and Fate
Acrylic and water-media
11″X 13″
Urban Crows
Acrylic with Mixed Media on Paper mounted on wood panel
I remember this little summer town
Acrylic on Paper mounted on wood panel
11″X 17″
Centurion for Sal
11″X17″ framed under glass
Hand drawn and painted water colour with digital and acrylic embellishments

More paintings to be added soon. Contact me @ if interested in seeing more of my work