My Art

My drawings and paintings are accidental maps of my own journey through life.

westerly winds

I like to employ the elements of narrative- in my  all my creative work.

I portray the imaginary and the autobiographical, to explore and extend a world that exists somewhere between memory and dream.


I am fascinated with the interplay between the mythological, the fantastical-and ordinary everyday life.

I do self portraits and stylized portraits and cartoons that depict moods and feelings, memories and captured moments.


I explore many different styles because I am always experimenting.

I have humour, anger,  love and mystery in my paintings and illustrations.



Recently I find myself moving toward big brushes and more freedom

I make art to understand myself and the world around me better.

It’s how I make sense of life.

 reverse red.jpg

I am still experimenting and allowing myself to explore different media, different imagery different ideas. I still play with narrative, character, and action.


Next I want to make some big bold abstract pieces

but even with abstract there are many tools, techniques and styles to exploreinspire Deconstruction abstract 1 2.png


My work is for sale as limited edition hand painted prints of original drawings.

Each print usually released in runs of ten are unique and express something a little different. As I apply paint the story changes and so do the characters.

I do this to make my art more affordable.  Prices range between $250.00-$500.00 for a hand painted reimagined  print.

Below is a slide show of some paintings and pages from my sketchbooks and  visual journals from the last several years.  The paintings in the slide-show are all examples of things that I have explored with painting, drawing, cartooning, assembling. Some are from art journals,  graphic memoir, or expressive illustrations. It represents examples from the past ten years. 


Click on it if it isn’t moving.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you are interested in my theatre work or the classes I teach in Art Journaling here’s a couple of links.  Come on over to to find out about the classes and here to see what I am up to in theatre these days

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