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Life and art.

Drawing is about learning to see the world as it is-- so that we can  discover something about it that can only see in the drawing. And learning to  draw a circle  on a flat surface and have the illusion of dimension- a sphere- takes practice We have to learn to see like artists. I find that a… Continue reading Life and art.

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Right now There are  a lot of not so great things going on in the world And in my life. But not right now-- The tough things are-- over there somewhere- in some other moment outside of this one. I am facing a lot of uncertainty, and worry. and hard questions- and difficult decisions-- Who isn't?… Continue reading Now

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something about a secret.

When I was a kid- my grade eight math teacher told our class about a mail-order scam where-- someone would put an ad in the classifieds-- offering an ancient secret. All you had to do was send nine dollars to a box number-- and the secret of unlimited wealth would be yours. A few weeks later, a… Continue reading something about a secret.