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The Art of keeping a Journal

Journalling not only supports my daily creative practice– it is is an essential part of it. I keep several different kinds of journals–art journals, junk journals, writing journals. Through journalling I have learned how to deepen my creative process, expand  my imagination, experiment with creative ideas,  overcome personal challenges, and transform my life  with all it’s ups and downs into art.

I love journalling so much that I trained to become a certified Journal to the Self® workshop facilitator– an amazing magical process based on the work of Kathleen Adams  of the Therapeutic Writing Institute  and her twenty-two extraordinary transformative techniques. As an avid journal keeper for most of my life, it’s a perfect fit for me to teach this work. It is a wonderful process for writers and non-writers alike.  If you live in the Vancouver area and are interested in finding out when and where I am teaching  please contact me at