Writing and dreaming and stargazing


I am a story teller in search of a story.

A dreamer, a stargazer,

searching an imaginary sky,

for distant galaxies of meaning

and metaphor–

trusting that somewhere,

beyond thedark matter–

of a blocked imagination–

there is a something waiting to be seen.

A stargazer knows that  beyond the glimmer

of a billion years lies astonishment.

And I must trust  that beyond the disappointment

of my failed experiments, and my unfinished drafts,

beyond the storms of my own fear and shame,

beyond all the evidence that I will fail,

there is something that can only be imagined by me

A story–poem–a painting that only I  can tell.















Published by

Lynna G

My name is Lynna Goldhar Smith, or Lynna-G for short. I am a multi-disciplinary artist--I draw, paint, write, and direct live theatre whenever I can. I believe in filling my life with as much creative expression as possible and I encourage others to do the same. I am often told that I do art in too many ways to be sensible but it's just the way I roll.

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