Good news Bad news

It’s getting to me.  All the news. All the noise.

I am unable to take it all in without  being almost deafened by it.

The carnage in Syria,  Mass shootings.

Pipelines. Fish Farms.

The Fentanyl overdose epidemic.

The Gong show celebrity running  the White House

I’m like a kid in a nightmare store.

So many to choose from. I just can’t decide.

I feel like my normal everyday mood is an existential crisis.

Its like I wake up thinking of the futility of life.

 How do you spell existential.jpgsj

But apparently according to all kinds of metrics–

the world is actually getting better and safer and more amazing.

According to articles I have read in The Guardian and the New York Time and elsewhere –the proportion of the world’s population living in extreme poverty has fallen below 10% for the first time in history; global carbon emissions from fossil fuels has failed to rise for the third year running and the death penalty had been ruled illegal in more than half of all countries in the world– and oh yes don’t forget  giant pandas have been removed from the endangered species list.

The “new optimism“–look it up–that’s what they call it– that seems to prevail in certain intellectual circles, is something I would like to adopt, but find it difficult, simply because I am actually physically emotionally and mentally affected  by the horrors that are constantly reported in the news– and  I feel that I can not just look away  for self preservation, but must  absorb and reflect on the information that is constantly available– in order to walk the right path in life.

It becomes a personal choice I guess.  I feel obligated as a person with mixed ancestry of several groups of oppressed people to stand against complacency and for social justice.

But wow.

Sometimes you just have to hide under a rock and want to think about unicorns.

Gratitude for all that is good in life is great thing and so is  reminding each other about what is getting better–yes this is also good– but somehow it has to be balanced by willingness to take a stand against what is still wrong in the world.

The one thing that is great though is that more awareness, more people are “woke” as they say  but  the fight is raging on– and so it should be.

I choose to be in that fight.

I do believe it is better to reach through the dark with love and to be optimistic and to cultivate compassion and  to  pray for people that scare you— pray as in fill your own mind with as much love as you can muster–which is what prayer is for me- but also to take a stand for something  believe in and wish to help change- because if things are getting better as the New Optimists would have us believe–then it is because people took a stand-  and did the work .

People fought for LBGTQ rights, Women’s rights. Black Lives Matter, Climate Change, Indigenous Sovereignty, Representation. . People wrote letters-went to rallies-became informed- spread the news and the information and let go of old harmful ideas that they learned  growing up–and there is still work to be done.

In Canada over 100 First Nation communities are without clean water. And this is only a number from the communities that were in the study.

We still have not gotten a solution for the Murdered and Missing Indigenous women in our country. We still can’t figure out how to keep a bus service on the Highway of Tears.

So yeah.

I will  keep fighting amidst all the damn good news.

I will take a break once in a while- think of unicorns and binge watch Netflix

but  I will keep fighting.




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