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Life and art.

Drawing is about learning to see the world as it is– so that we can  discover something about it that can only see in the drawing.

And learning to  draw a circle  on a flat surface and have the illusion of dimension- a sphere- takes practice

We have to learn to see like artists.

I find that a drawing practice helps me  see  more clearly

with my artists brain but the bonus is that it teaches me

to look at the world thought the eyes of my  heart and soul and see what appeared that I didn’t know about. That is the mystery of drawing and painting.

It’s the same with writing.

It takes time-to say something about the world as you perceive it in a way that allows others to see what you see.

it takes trial and error and patience and observation and constantly failing and trying again. The  constant yearning to understand and to get it right is part of the practice.

So yeah note to self. Keep going. keep working. Don’t quit.

Practice. Practice. It’s the only road to art.

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