“The purpose of life is to be defeated by greater and greater thing”.
Rainer Maria Rilke

Dear writer and artist,

I hope that the mountain you may be facing

will not be too hard to climb.

I hope that today you will

write or draw or paint your way

through whatever barrier seems to be in your way.

And while you are at it try to remember that this

is the struggle that makes life worth living.

If you feel alone and unloved

from lack of recognition,

or if you are thinking

that no one really cares what you do

I hope you will not let those thoughts

dictate how you care about what you do.

And if you think that your stories

will never find their way beyond your laptop

Or that your music will go unheard by anyone

but your disgruntled neighbours–

or that your paintings will never

hang in a gallery–

I hope that you are strong enough

to keep working anyway.

As for me I am ploughing down this path even

though I have no idea where it leads.

And even though I am afraid-

shaking in my boots afraid–

that the piece I am working on

is not going anywhere-

that it’s rubbish-

that the structure is flimsy

that the plot is weak–

none of these fears are

really all that threatening.

I mean they are not some kind of

intractable evidence of impending failure.

Because fear is not evidence of failure.

Fear is not a reliable predictor of an outcome.

Fear is just fear.

The only remedy is to encourage myself

to do what I love–

in spite of the way that fear

makes me hate it sometimes.

To open the laptop and face the screen–

even when fear makes me feel I have nothing

to say, is the first step I must take down the fearless

path– every day even if all I write

is a blog post to tell myself not to be afraid.

I can’t see what’s around the next bend–

I won’t turn back.

a path up a hill and into the woods

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  1. How do I love thee? Just know that the amount is vast, and the quality is loamy-deep. ♥ And I appreciate every word that spills from your fingertips. Thank you.

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