Fairy tales teach us wisely.

“Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.”  Caroline by Neil Gaiman 


Fairy tales teach us wisely that–

life is a magical journey

down a mysterious winding road.

Along the road we are challenged many times,

but if we are brave and have a true heart,

we can pass the troll at the bridge,

or the demon at the gate,

and continue to seek the magical unicorn,

or what ever else we have set out to find.

Even when the quest leads us

through the deep dark Forests of Fear

We must stay on the path.

We have a mission–

a purpose, a sacred task–and we must fulfill it.

Our path is not always direct. We can’t avoid the trolls and demons

that show up along the way. We can’t avoid their horrible

riddles and tests.

But if we can remember our demons-our challenges are there-

to force us to confront them–we can keep going.

I have had a tough year or two–or three–

dealing with the challenges that life presented

and I was paralyzed with fear more than once.

Everywhere I turned those pesky trolls were

complicating my life the way only wicked trolls can do.

THe-Forest-of-fear collage

But knowing that my fear was there to

force me to fight back against it–I kept going.

I stood up and did what was demanded of me

though often I was–



praying all the way.

And now I am claiming myself

to be a hero steadfast and true.

A hero of my own life.

A hero on my own quest.

I didn’t slay any dragons.

I didn’t murder any trolls.

Instead I put them on my gratitude list.

I thanked them for all the ways

they made me rely on my little bit of sacred

magic power.

Thanks fairy tales for all your ancient wisdom.

I think I’ve got this next part of my journey.


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