DSCF1309Right now

There are  a lot of

not so great things

going on in the world

And in my life.

But not right now–

The tough things are–

over there somewhere-

in some other moment

outside of this one.

I am facing

a lot of uncertainty,

and worry.

and hard questions-

and difficult decisions–

Who isn’t?

And there are so many things

to  fear in these times we live in–

but not right now.

Because right now

My cat is curled up

on my lap–

and the fear

inside me

is quiet enough

to hear the bounce of

raindrops on the roof-

and the whisper of wind

in the leaves.

I  know that I have  a thousand

worries lined up

ready to march

militantly through

my mind.

But for now

my army of worries

is in a ceasefire.

This is my practice.

No traditions.

No beliefs.

No rules.

No gurus

No god or goddess

No bible

No religon

No right or wrong way.

No credit.

No blame.

No ownership.

No responsibility.

No seeking of the one true truth.

Because really it’s all about

just showing up isn’t it?

I  mean just showing up for life

and saying–

Hey Life!

I am here.

I am so glad you gave me this chance.


Fully present,

awake, and alive.

Here is what I have

to offer you today life.

I did my best.

Here are my five pages.

Here is my painting

Here is my song-

Here is my compassion for strangers

and enemies-

Or even-

Here is my bad cold

and my headache

and my tiresome

troubles and concerns-

Here is my anger.

Here is my fear.

and my too busy life-

where nothing is working.

Here is what I have to day.

It’s all I got.

How do you like me so far?

And then–

I wait for the beam of light

So that I can take my bow–

And accept life’s thundering applause-

Because life just wants me to show up.

Just as I am.

Make sense?

Maybe not.

Doesn’t matter.

And even though the most

I have to offer life-

Right now-

is to take a moment

and say

I am here.

Showing up.


This moment.




Hey Life

It’s me Lynna!

I am here.

Right Now.

2013-03-01 15.15.41


7 thoughts on “Now

  1. Hands together in front of my heart … bowing to you and the beauty and immensity of your truth, the bravery and love in your sharing …

    and OMG that painting?!! Crazy wonderful! I love what you are creating for the oracle cards but I have to say – this image just stops me short and causes me to exhale a mighty YES!

    Taking deep breaths with you … passing the honeyed tea and some TLC … xoxo

  2. amen and hallelujah.

    i have a shitty cold too. so am feeling like my head is three feet thick and nothing is getting done.

    but, hey life! i’m here! i showed up.

    LOVE this….wrapping you in big love…


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