something about a secret.


When I was a kid-

my grade eight math teacher

told our class about

a mail-order scam where–

someone would put an ad

in the classifieds–

offering an ancient secret.

All you had to do was send

nine dollars to a box number–

and the secret of unlimited wealth

would be yours. A few weeks later,

a booklet in a plain brown package

would arrive. You would tear open

the package to discover that the

secret was putting your own ad

in the paper-and sending out

the booklet yourself.  

You could buy the booklet in bulk.

You could put your ad in multiple newspapers.

Soon you would be raking in the millions–

nine bucks at a time.

I don’t know if the mail-order scam

is still around, but we have

plenty of high tech versions

of the same thing.

Recently I signed up for

a free seminar-

I should know better-

Yeah famous last words.

A trusted friend sent

me the link–

so I clicked it.

It was a seminar about e-publishing.

She thought I would be interested.

Anyway–fifteen minutes in–

I realized the free seminar

was just a pitch for the upgrade.

An upgrade would give me instant

access to the secret inside info–

shared for the first time

by the hottest-most powerful

most successful superstars

in the booming billion dollar

e-publishing biz!

Apparently there were

over ten thousand people

who had already clicked

through to the upgrade.

The upgrades were going like


Now I am a little bit skeptical by nature–

I learned early the concept of 

“buyer beware”

probably because of the x-ray

glasses that I trustingly

sent away for when I was eight.

My x-ray glasses were a massive fail.

But apparently there are

many people who believe

that the flow of abundance

is only an e-book away.

I clicked over to the

upgrade page-

I am a curious soul-

and there I saw–

various upgrade packages–

that sold for as much as a

thousand dollars.

Apparently there are different levels

of insider secrets available

to a privileged ten thousand.

I chose to click out.

As tempting as it was–

to imagine myself

an e-book star–

tapping into the flow

of unlimited abundance–


call me old fashioned–


I think it’s best to

actually write your book–

before you invest a lot

of money trying to get the

secret inside scoop.

Writing anything is hard folks–

harder than it seems.

And that’s no secret.


I passed on the chance

to earn a six figure income

writing e-books–

at least until I have

written an actual e-book.

I admit there was a tiny part of me–

a gullible part of me

wondering if I had passed up

something authentic-.

Did I miss out on

some SECRET that would

actually help me?

Was I being negative again?

Was I being fearful and closed minded?

Was I blocking the flow?

“No!” said the other part of me.

What kind of inside

track would you be on

if ten thousand people

were on it with you?

You know–there is always something

we think we have to buy.

That seminar and all those so called secrets

would not get me one step closer to writing a book.

Books don’t get written because of inside secrets.

They get written because writers sit down and face

their fear and their indecision, and their self doubt.

If they can get through that– a self publishing course

might be a good investment down the road.

So here is my inside secret to my fellow travellers on the path–

If you want to write an e-book or any kind of book–

sit down and write it.

There is no inside track

to getting it published

if it isn’t written.

Now I know that books are bought before they

are written–

You might have a book in mind–

and want to create a book proposal-

but even a book proposal is

a difficult piece of writing.

So yeah that’s my secret inside info.

for today, And it’s free.

Here’s another one. No extra charge.

“Have something to say, and say it as clearly as you can.                            
That is the only secret”.- Matthew Arnold


7 thoughts on “something about a secret.

  1. Oh such a wise beautiful Soul…thank you for your wisdom, for taking the time to write it down and sharing it with the world 😉 Priceless really just like you!

  2. I am always excited to see your post in my inbox. You are entertaining, and do such a great job of getting your point across! Thanks for this…you started my day with a big smile!

  3. aah…. what a great post lynna – thanks for sharing….. reminds me of the time i bought some sea monkeys from the back of a comic book and was i very disappointed when ‘they’ arrived or didn’t arrive…. in a small little envelope – they weren’t ‘sea monkeys’ at all like they had advertised and showed… but brine shrimp eggs… no happy faces – no happy family of amazing sea monkeys playing about at all or anything – they didn’t even live very long in that little glass of water…. yup – buyer beware… i’ve been burned many times over and am quite tired of all the ‘upsell’ out there…

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