My Scribbled Secret Notebooks

Some pages from the not so secret online journal of Lynna Goldhar Smith artist and writer.

“The truth is that our finest moments are most likely to occur
when we are feeling deeply uncomfortable, unhappy, or unfulfilled.
For it is only in such moments, propelled by our discomfort,
that we are likely to step out of our ruts and start searching for
different ways or truer answers.”


I need to step out of my rut.
I need to search for different ways
and truer answers. 

I need to be fearless,

In a few days I will be going up to the Gabriola Theatre festival to perform my solo show

Sally Lives Here.

It has been sold out for more than three weeks and I am really excited.

My old arch enemy- the Evil Demon Stage Fright

is taunting me and leaping out at me

when I least expect it.

My  mission is to transform my Fear into Courage and vanquish my enemy for another day.

I accept the Mission.

My method Love.

My super power. Gratitude.

These are the magical alchemical tools that will turn the base metal

of negative emotion into golden light and give me the super power I need.

I will fly, soar, and float through the sky powered by the golden light of love.

I remind myself how much I really want and need to do my play.

I remind myself how grateful I am to have the opportunity.

I created my script with love and really hard work and commitment

and passion. I remind myself of the diligent writing process-

and my willingness to keep going when it seemed as if

I couldn’t bring all the elements together and I wanted to quit.

I am grateful to the audience who have bought tickets.

I am grateful to the festival that invited me to perform.

I am grateful for the opportunities I have to make art and share it.

I am grateful to special friends that generously supported me.


I am grateful for my cohorts Loretta and Susinn in Wet Ink Collective.

I am grateful to Connie H. and all the painters and art-makers in my painting tribe.

that have sent me words of encouragement because they know exactly how I feel.

I am grateful to the Divine Creative Source and all the beauty in the

world that has possessed my soul and urged me to try to

express and celebrate it in art.

I am grateful for the healing power of art.

I am grateful for everything good and bad

because even the bad got me to here-

to now-to this wonderful place in my life.

I am even grateful to my old arch enemy Stage Fright

which I realize has been just trying to protect me.

I can thank her for her love and let her know

I am ok now with out her. I am pretty darn good

at this performing thing. I am I really am.

If she shows up in my dressing room on Saturday night

She better be carrying a bouquet of flowers.


  1. I’ve been wondering when I’d hear from you again. Looks like you’re tackling demons and winning. Keep it up. No one wishes for you to fail. We’re all behind you, supporting your creativity and ambition. Ready?

  2. Jill Marie says:

    Wonderful and Inspiring! Sending you lots of love and light as you experience this wonderful manifestation of all your “really hard work and commitment and passion.”

    Shine your beautiful Light 🙂

  3. Lynna G says:

    You are awesome. Thank you

  4. Barbara Pollard says:

    that is about the greatest turn-around self messaging I have ever read!
    it works.

  5. weaver says:

    Hi there dear Lynna… congrats on your upcoming performance – wish we could be there – as i’d love to see it again…. it will rock… i also always appreciate your musings and honest reveal-moments… thank you for your bold strengths…. weaver x (((o)))

  6. I love how you wrote this for you, but as I read it, it’s for me…..and I bet so many others that read it feel the same way.

    1. Lynna G says:

      Oh how lovely to read this Alisha. Thank you

    2. hali says:

      I have to second this comment completely!! Love this post, Lynna!

  7. I love you Lynna! I know you will shine so brightly on the stage, your groupies will need sunglasses from the glare! Hoping to see you soon on a stage near me!

  8. I love you Lynna! I know you will shine so brightly from the stage that your groupies will need sunglasses from the glare! Hoping to see you soon on a stage near me. ❤

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