Catching stories-ideas are everywhere right?

I am a story collector.

I find stories everywhere and I grab em when nobody’s looking.

Sometimes the stories are attached to people I pass on the street.

I take the stories home and make them my own.

Yesterday I saw a story in a red hat and fishnet hose running down the street waving for a taxi.

I wasn’t fast enough. The story got away.

Today I saw a story on the Broadway bus.

It was attached to a bedraggled little woman wearing a sparkly witch hat.

She had a sign hanging around her neck. I read the sign as the woman came down
the aisle. It had a lot of biblical quotations on it.

I just knew she would sit beside me. And she did. Her sign kept jabbing me in the ribs.

She told me that she had a vision from God who was sending down a doozy of an earth quake.

I like it when God uses words like doozy. I got off the bus with the story in my net. It’s my story now.

I don’t think I will see the woman with the witch hat again, but I have the story.

The other day I went to the tea shop. They have a new girl working there.

She was dripping with stories. She was frosted with stoies. She was festooned with stories.

I couldn’t possibly grab them all. They moved so quickly. One flew out of the nest of silver bangles around her wrist.

The girl had a face like Kewpie doll. She wore a black beret.

The story  got up on it’s hind legs and asked me for a cigarette.

The story had a raspy voice. The story had a wicked addiction.

The girl that she was attached to was a vegan and would never touch tobacco.

The story nearly jumped in my net. It didn’t need the slightest persuasion.

It was coming home with me. I know what to do with a story like that.

4 thoughts on “Catching stories-ideas are everywhere right?

  1. I LOVE this post!! I feel like I was on a journey ( like a dragonfly on your shoulder) watching your observations magically transform into these vivid little jewels of stories that took on lives of their own! I want to hear more of your story catching!! xoxoxo

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