Overcoming creative blocks– magic cures.

I am in bed recovering from surgery and bored out of my mind.

The wasteland of daytime television stretches out before me endlessly it seems.

“I could be working on my play.” I say to myself hopefully.

As I open the lap top I listen for an engaged response from deep within–

some murmurings of eagerness or zest–a shimmer of enthusiasm perhaps.

But all I get is a weak whimper and a shudder of shame.

I realize that somehow my inner prosecutor– modelled after Hamilton Burger–

you might know him from Perry Mason re-runs–has now taken over my mind.

He is addressing the judge and jury that lives in my head.

They are the folks behind the Salem Witch Trials and the Spanish Inquisition.

“Ladies and Gentleman this woman has no discernible talent–no imagination and no original ideas.

She is guilty of the crime of self delusion! How dare she call herself a writer?

Send her back to her jail cell and sentence her to watch endless reruns of Perry Mason.”

Well–ok– that didn’t happen. Actually instead of writing my play

I wrote the above silliness. Please forgive me. Tee hee.

But truth is, I have been struggling with, if not, a full blown writer’s block,

a fairly serious writer’s delay.

All the roads in my imagination seem to be closed,

and I can’t get to where I want to go.

It is time I dig out my list of magic cures for this pesky nuisance,

and get myself back on the road. I have faced this before. I can do it again.

This coming week I will be posting my favourite creative cures so stay tuned.

Feel free to use any of these cures for whatever creative ailments you are suffering with.

Perry Mason is not on right now so it’s back to the Storage Wars Marathon. I just loves Barry Weiss.

Published by

Lynna G

My name is Lynna Goldhar Smith, or Lynna-G for short. I am a multi-disciplinary artist--I draw, paint, write, and direct live theatre whenever I can. I believe in filling my life with as much creative expression as possible and I encourage others to do the same. I am often told that I do art in too many ways to be sensible but it's just the way I roll.

9 thoughts on “Overcoming creative blocks– magic cures.

  1. Balderdash! say I. We (the writers you regard so highly in your group) all procIaim, how vital and important your voice is. I personally, think you are sitting on a pot of gold and as soon as we can we should figure out how to get it out there.
    Produced? NO- gobbled up by the industry if you can safely get it to them.


  2. I think, post surgery, is a time to exercise patience and kindness to all your little body has been through, up to and including the marathon you have undergone. Would you expect me to be up and producing clear, concise and spontaneous thought and ideas after a drug fest (general anaesthetic) that, for my body, takes months to rid it self of. Be kinder.


  3. Your post made me giggle…and then it made me truly hope that you are honoring your body, mind and spirit and giving yourself time to heal and just breathe. Knowing there is a beautiful ebb and flow to all things and you beautiful lady will be flowing so very soon 🙂
    Much Love to you as your rest and heal all aspects of your being!


  4. your wonderful post made me (and my partner) laugh right out loud – such a great piece of “in the moment now” that is so real and honest – thank you!

    …. and you never cease to amaze me – here you are saying you can’t when you ARE!!! …even when you’re flat on your back recovering… your muse feeds you my friend in any given moment…. know that – actually i believe you do know that!

    i guess i constantly ask myself – why we (creatives) are always so hard on ourselves… i agree with the posts above – it all there waiting for you… for us….

    be gentle with you and your body…… love you!!! wx (((o)))


  5. You are right but the boredom kills.

    And all this free time that I am so in need of–well if feels like I need to

    use it. But no your are right. I thought the post was funny.

    I promise I will get the proper rest.


  6. Glad for the comment dear one. Everyone is right I should be recuperating not pushing myself to get my art made. But shucks I did think it was a funny post.


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