Starting over again.

I have gotten out of the habit of coming here and putting down my thoughts.

I tried rebooting my blogging practice but it kind of fizzled out after the first attempt.

I like blogging. At least I used to. I liked the community that gathered around my blog but when blogging became all about people having a business and needing to promote their business then I jumped ship

I like meeting people from all over the world who stop by and leave comments and invite me to see their blogs.

I especially liked  making contact in the digital realm with  other artists . That was the best.

I liked  wandering around  exotic cyber cities  meeting like minded souls and cheering them on in their creative adventures–

But I got  disillusioned and then I got distracted by the real world and it’s  many demands and I  forgot to come back through the portal to this magical intertwining world of the inter webs.

I realize that I miss this world where we bump into one another and connect without really ever meeting.

I like that we  send  our thoughts through  cyber-ether

and keep each other company and take inspiration from each other.

I like imagining this  kind of comic book  extended reality

where we open a door and disappear into a  beautiful realm–

a place  where we connect with fellow travellers .

My purpose is always the same and that is to keep going

making and creating and dreaming

and getting my work out in the world

even when there is so much evidence

that there is no point to any of it.

My audience is always the folk- who like me are plugging away and

sometimes losing hope and getting lost or confused

about the purpose of art making.

I am always here talking to myself about the very same things–

the commitment, the need to make art–

and the  joy and pain of  it all.

I am always talking to those slightly mad loopy  people like me crazed sometimes

with their own thoughts and wanting to share them

with those that might understand.

So I am going to yet again take another crack at this blogging thing.

Is it still a thing? I don’t even know.

Anyway. Here’s a new piece.Urban wild life