Starting over again.

I have gotten out of the habit of coming here and putting down my thoughts.

I tried rebooting my blogging practice but it kind of fizzled out after the first attempt.

I like blogging. At least I used to. I liked the community that gathered around my blog but when blogging became all about people having a business and needing to promote their business then I jumped ship

I like meeting people from all over the world who stop by and leave comments and invite me to see their blogs.

I especially liked  making contact in the digital realm with  other artists . That was the best.

I liked  wandering around  exotic cyber cities  meeting like minded souls and cheering them on in their creative adventures–

But I got  disillusioned and then I got distracted by the real world and it’s  many demands and I  forgot to come back through the portal to this magical intertwining world of the inter webs.

I realize that I miss this world where we bump into one another and connect without really ever meeting.

I like that we  send  our thoughts through  cyber-ether

and keep each other company and take inspiration from each other.

I like imagining this  kind of comic book  extended reality

where we open a door and disappear into a  beautiful realm–

a place  where we connect with fellow travellers .

My purpose is always the same and that is to keep going

making and creating and dreaming

and getting my work out in the world

even when there is so much evidence

that there is no point to any of it.

My audience is always the folk- who like me are plugging away and

sometimes losing hope and getting lost or confused

about the purpose of art making.

I am always here talking to myself about the very same things–

the commitment, the need to make art–

and the  joy and pain of  it all.

I am always talking to those slightly mad loopy  people like me crazed sometimes

with their own thoughts and wanting to share them

with those that might understand.

So I am going to yet again take another crack at this blogging thing.

Is it still a thing? I don’t even know.

Anyway. Here’s a new piece.Urban wild life


Facing the uncertainty

DSCF1389“No great deed is done by falterers who ask for certainty” (George Eliot)

Dear writer

I hope that today you will

write  your way through whatever barrier seems to be in your way.

I hope that even if you feel blank that you will  keep working anyway.

Don’t falter, Keep going. And if you do falter, find a way to

get up and start again. Work despite the uncertainty.

If time has passed and you feel lost or disconnected

go back and pick up the pieces as they say.

That is what I am doing though I have no idea

where the story I am writing wants to go.

Its changed so much and I feel so stuck.

But  even though I am afraid-shaking in my boots afraid–


that it’s rubbish- that I should just give up because

the structure is flimsy

that the plot is weak–

these fears are not

really all that threatening.

Maybe those things are true so what?

I can fix a flimsy structure

I can work on a weak plot.

Fear is not a reliable predictor of an outcome.

Fear is just fear. We have to learn to live with it.

The only remedy is to encourage myself

to keep going in spite of all the ways that fear

makes me forget that I can and I will finish this piece.


Because there is no certainty.

We must make our way through art

and life–without it.

Everyday is just another step down

a path up a hill and into the woods.

Keep going. Do not falter.






Starting Over. Getting back on track.

I wrote this post last summer. Wow. It’s been almost a year since I have come back here. I have been so busy working on my plays that I haven’t come back to tell you about my progress or anything else. I think I better keep this promise that I made to myself last July. 


 Instead of saying, “I’m damaged, I’m broken, I have trust issues” say “I’m healing, I’m rediscovering myself, I’m starting over.”
― Horacio Jones

Sometimes life carries us off the path. 

Sometimes starting over is what is necessary.

Here’s a post about me starting over/

I haven’t been blogging for quite some time.

I guess I started to wonder what was the point?

But I’m back.I’m starting over

I do that a lot.

Start over I mean.

Its a good thing.

It’s like re-booting the computer.

It solves a wide array of issues,

that can’t be solved when the device is running. .

Sometimes just like a computer,

we slow down or  freeze all together.

I think that’s what I did.

I froze.

It happens to everyone.

Our software gets damaged or corrupted.

Negative thoughts begin to proliferate.

Or sometimes it’s the hardware.

We are not physically at our best.

Or sometimes we are infected with a virus–

often caused by too many toxic conversations with

negative fear mongering people

or even well meaning people who unknowingly

are infecting us with their  fear and anxiety.

Or sometimes we infect ourselves because

of unhealthy habits and beliefs. .

so re-starting is often all that is necessary.

Sometimes when I have given up on a project-

something that seems hopeless-

I  have learned that I needed to quit to get going again.

I needed to stop to get my bearings again.

I don’t know what I will be blogging about

or who my online audience will be-

but here I am again

starting over.

Hope you will be with me. Scan




A defence of doing too many things, and what painting teaches me about writing

I am what they call a multi-passionate artist.

I paint, I write songs and plays too.

And I direct theatre every once in a while.

And I make  art books and art journals.

Some people have suggested that  I lack focus.

But I am hyper-focused actually.

I just like to switch my focus from time to time.

I have been told that I will never get anywhere if

I don’t pick one thing to focus on and that may be true

but I think I might be an incurable case.

Sometimes if I am blocked in the writing process,

I will paint–and suddenly a door opens in my brain, to reveal something,

I couldn’t see when I was searching frantically in the world of words.

Painting is my meditation.

It’s my journey to the part of myself that I think is called soul.

It’s a way that I connect with my creative source, my energy,

my power supply.

Painting teaches me to slow down.

So painting is my cure. .

Painting demands for example that I slow down and be present–

and being present helps me in everything I do.

When I go too long without painting and making things with my hands

I get disconnected from my self somehow and that’s not good.

Now painting and drawing and anything hand made really

is a slow process. So it’s good for me to slow down

It helps my writing actually.

My racing over active mind does not help my writing.

I think writing is a bit like working with your mind

as if you could reach in and move things around with your hands.

You have to get hold of an idea and work it. Play with it. Roll it out.

When I draw and paint, I understand this. I

I  have to  spend a lot of time observing deeply and patiently–

and the practice trains my eyes to see better–to see more.

It’s the same with writing but somehow its harder to understand this.

We expect to get  the words down on paper

and have it all work the way we want it to before it’s possible.

When I can’t say what I want to say in the writing–

or when I don’t really  know what I want to say– or worse–

when I think I have nothing to say–

I get upset with myself. I feel stupid.

Yet when I paint, I understand that observation and patience,

and slowing down is necessary.

It’s non-negotiable.

So today I am reminding myself that patience

is required to get this impossible scene in my play to work.

As someone who wants to do everything

and learn everything

and read everything

and  be everything–


I am learning to do less, to expect less

but accomplish more.

I am learning to be less pressured less anxious-less demanding.

And this is a good thing and I learned it from painting.

On the Balcony-





Facing the Uncertainty

“No great deed is done by falterers who ask for certainty” (George Eliot)

Dear writer and artist,

I hope that the mountain you may be facing

will not be too hard to climb.

I hope that today you will

write or draw or paint your way

through whatever barrier seems to be in your way.

And if you feel alone and unloved

from lack of recognition,

or if you are thinking

that no one really cares about your art–

I hope you will not let those thoughts

dictate how you care.

And if you think that your stories

will never find their way beyond your laptop

Or that your music will go unheard by anyone

but your disgruntled neighbours–

or that your paintings will never

hang in a gallery–

I hope that you are strong enough

to keep working anyway.

Don’t falter, Keep going.

And if you do falter,

Get up and start again.

Work despite the uncertainty.

That is what I am doing.

I am ploughing down this path even

though I have no idea where it leads.

And even though I am afraid-

shaking in my boots afraid–

that the piece I am working on

is not going anywhere-

that it’s rubbish-

that the structure is flimsy

that the plot is weak–

none of these fears are

really all that threatening.

I mean they are not some kind of

intractable evidence of impending failure.

Because fear is not evidence of failure.

Fear is not a reliable predictor of an outcome.

Fear is just fear.

The only remedy is to encourage myself

to do what I love–

in spite of the way that fear

makes me hate it sometimes.

To open the laptop and face the screen–

even when fear makes me feel I have nothing

to say–and no one is interested anyway–

is the first step I must take down the fearless

path– every day even if all I write

is a blog post to tell myself not to be afraid.

I can’t see what’s around the next bend–

But I will keep going even though

I might hit the end of the path and

have to turn back and find a new route.

Because there is no certainty.

We must make our way through art

and life–without it.

a path up a hill and into the woods