About my art

In both figurative and abstract work, I paint the world that exists somewhere between memory and dream. I am fascinated with the interplay between the mythological, the fantastical-and ordinary everyday life. I interpret the world around me, through vivid colour, stylized forms, repeating patterns and texture– to arrive at a heightened sense of a moment in time. I don’t paint nature but more my experience of it. Sometimes I think that my varied creative experiments are like setting out on a new day and seeing what’s down the road. Or maybe it’s more like my paintings are my diary.  Here are a few examples. Click on an image. to expand and scroll.  I’d like to know what you think so why not leave me a comment. 

Lately I have been painting big bold abstract expressionist works. Here are a few examples

I have a tendency to be curious and intrigued by many different things and I have explored a lot of visual ideas and forms of expression. My work is for sale now as limited edition hand painted and embellished prints from  original drawings

summers end..jpeg


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