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It all started with a 100 Day blog.

  In 2008, I made myself a promise to create something every day for 100 days and post it online. I posted art, poetry, stories and dreams.  It was my 100 day blog. I was really new to the internet. Back then there was a platform called LiveJournal and I posted something every single day except when I couldn’t –and […]

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Writing and dreaming and stargazing

Even if we have a reliable method and a process that seems to work  there is still a lot of mystery in writing. It’s a act of faith sometimes. Somehow magic is involved and patience. Sometimes a  story calls you to come and find it, but you can’t quite locate where it’s hiding. Sometimes an idea appears in your mind […]

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Remembering December 6.

Every year I make this post to remember this sad day. On December 6 in Canada many of us commemorate the anniversary of the Montreal Massacre,at L’École Polytechnique de Montréal. On that terrible day December 6 1989 14 innocent young women were gunned down-in a senseless and horrific act of violence against women. They were young engineering students-most of them-one of them was a […]

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Insider Secrets

When I was a kid- my grade eight math teacher told our class about a mail-order scam where someone would put an ad in the classifieds–offering an ancient secret to becoming rich and famous. All you […]

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Mind your own business

“There are only three kinds of business in the universe: mine, yours, and God’s.” ~ Byron Katie Today, I had the urge to write about something that I was outraged about. I was annoyed  about a particular internet  art star. I wanted to be the kid in the crowd who cries out that the emperor has no clothes. But I changed my mind. And […]